I have deep interests in all stages of website/webapp development, and enjoy being involved with projects from start to finish. On the front-end, I write clean, semantic, standards-compliant markup and CSS, and unobtrusive Javascript that goes with the grain of the language. On the back-end, I strive for DRY, expressive and maintainable code. I religiously keep up with new technologies and new design/development methodologies.

Lately, as I’ve gained more expertise in mobile web development, I’ve begun to explore CocoaTouch iPhone development as well as the points of contact between native and web components of mobile applications.

I’m extremely passionate about what I do, and need to work with people who are likewise passionate. I tend to have high ideals when comes to quality, and I love collaborating with and learning from others who share that commitment.

Education & Training

  • College of William and Mary Williamsburg, VA Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Philosophy,
    May 2001
  • City University of New York Graduate Center New York, NY — Completed one year in Philosophy Doctoral Program,
    2003-2004 Academic Year
  • NYPHP New York, NY AMP (Apache, MYSQL, PHP) Technologies Training for Programmers,
    August 2006

Technical Skills

Core Proficiencies

  • Markup & CSS, troubleshooting cross-browser issues
  • Modern Javascript (unobtrusive, OO design, functional techniques)
  • Web Development with Ruby (Rails, Sinatra, Haml, RSpec, Shoulda, etc…)
  • Development for mobile browsers

Additional Areas of Competence

  • iPhone/Mac development with Cocoa & Objective-C
  • Interaction design
  • Unix system administration
  • Image creation/manipulation with Adobe tools


  • Yahoo! Mobile

    Sunnyvale, CA
    July 2009-Present
    Front-End Engineer

    I work mainly on the tools that the product teams (frontpage, search, mail, etc.) use to build the mobile versions of their sites. In practice, this means writing markup and CSS that can render on the lowest-end devices while also developing bleeding-edge CSS and Javascript libraries that take advantage of bleeding-edge features in the newest phones.

    Also, recognizing the advances that mobile screen-readers have made, I initiated a push for greater accessibility of the platform. This mainly entailed a thorough audit of the platform and then incrementally fixing the many problems I identified. The process is ongoing, but users have already said that Yahoo!’s mobile homepage is a profoundly better experience than it was.

    Lastly, I’ve been working both internally at Yahoo! and in the larger community to evangelize the tools I and my teammates build.


    Raleigh, NC
    June 2007 – July 2009
    Web Developer

    I split my time between front-end and back-end (usually Rails) development. Primarily though, I built rich interfaces for web applications as well as Javascript clients for web services. I also pushed for adoption of new technologies (when appropriate!) on both the client and server sides of projects. Additionally, I collaborated with the User Experience team on producing specifications and wireframes for new interfaces.

  • WebMD

    New York, NY
    September 2006 – June 2007
    Assistant Producer

    Building product websites for pharmaceuticals and interactive Continuing Medical Education courses for physicians. After receiving Photoshop comps from the design department, I would recreate the designs in XHTML/CSS/Javascript. This would often also involve processing audio and video into web-friendly formats, and a little bit of Flash.

  • Center to Advance Palliative Care

    New York, NY
    October 2004 – July 2006
    Project Officer – Palliative Care Leadership Center Initiative

    Project manager for a $4.5 million national initiative that provides training to clinical teams attempting to build palliative care programs in their institutions. Responsibilities include management of the six Leadership Center training sites (sites with a combined faculty of 36 physicians, nurses, and other educators), oversight of the curriculum, planning national meetings, and development and implementation of marketing strategies.

Presentations and Publications

  • JavaScript Community News, Ongoing monthly column for JSMag
  • Mobile Web Development, Presented at BarCamp Charlotte, 4/2010
  • Unit Testing with JavaScript, Article for JSMag. 3/2009 issue.
  • The Enhancement of Progressive Enhancement, Presented at Refresh the Triangle, 12/2008